Help us bring more ice to Redwood City!
Thank you for your interest in bringing a state-of the art, inclusionary ice rink to Redwood City.
The Silicon Valley Ice Skating Association (SVISA) in conjunction with the Mid-Peninsula Ice Rink Foundation (MIRF) has been working with Jay Paul Company, a local developer, who has proposed a $19.5 Million Dollar facility, which we hope to call Malibu Ice. This rink will fill a much-needed gap in the availability of ice skating, hockey and family recreation in the region. Redwood City lost the Nazareth Ice center in 2020, leaving many in the hockey and ice skating communities with nowhere to go, or with miles to travel.
In addition to the rink itself, Jay Paul will provide a $150,000 seed toward a future endowment focused on diversity, equity and inclusion at the rink. This includes programming, equipment and access. To ensure this commitment is kept, a committee has been put in place to oversee fundraising and policy efforts.
Members of the committee include:
Sarah Feldman, Silicon Valley Ice Skating Association
Ian Bain, Former Mayor of Redwood City
Connie Guerrero, Board Member, Casa Circulo Cultural/Redwood City PAL
Mike Jones, Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula, Redwood City Clubhouse
Olenka Villareal, Magical Bridge Foundation
Tim Hennessey, Mid- Peninsula Ice Rink Foundation
Maia Harris, Jay Paul Company
Redwood City has long made family and youth activities a priority. The proposed Malibu Ice rink reflects this priority and will offer everyone a chance to enjoy a true family-oriented community amenity for decades to come.
BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP to make the Malibu Ice Rink a reality:
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Join us for a Zoom Community Meeting on Wednesday, December 1st at 6 PM to learn more about the prosed rink and how you can support the effort in making it a reality!

Thank you for your Support!