Hey you know that ice rink at the San Mateo Bridgepointe Shopping Center? That rink is open thanks to the efforts of a small group of local community leaders including the Silicon Valley Ice Skating Association (501c3). As of 2015, 2 rinks had closed their doors, and a third was on its way to shutting down. As of 2019, the San Mateo Bridgepointe Ice Rink reopened, and we are on our way to opening a new rink to replace Belmont Iceland as well. SVISA has the continued support of 10,000 community members, and is continuing to grow every day!

Ice sports are not only part of our local San Mateo County community history through the reopening of the Bridgepointe rink (link) but also a huge part of the lifecycle of supporting careers of our tech workers. According to the Women’s Sports Foundation, teens who are actively involved in athletics are more likely to be successful (link). In order to support the full lifecycle of women, this is a great place to invest in our local community.

The Silicon Valley Ice Skating Association typically holds the annual SVISA Fundraising Gala but is currently on pause until in person events can again be held safely. The fundraiser will help keep local ice rinks alive and support sports programs for local teens. The grand event will be an elegant evening attended by many prominent people from around our community.

We hope we can count on your support as a good neighbor and member of the community in our digital events going forward.

We would love to discuss this with you further and are happy to answer emails directed to contact@siliconvalleyskates.org.

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